Spontaneous Adventures

As overlanders, we constantly try to plan our adventures.  Often we plan for weeks if not months depending on the length of trip and the actual conditions involved with the route.  We make checklists, buy new gear, read blogs for ideas, etc. until we feel fully prepared.  Even then, sometimes we will either over-pack or forget one of the most obvious items we should have easily thought of.

Sometimes the real adventure can be a spontaneous trip into the outdoors.  It can be a weekend getaway into the mountains to wind down from a long work week or just a quick adventure before the kids go back to school.  It is always fun to just go somewhere on a whim.  

The key to making these trips happen is to always have your gear ready to go at a moment's notice while requiring to only pack up your clothes, toiletries and perishable food items.  We recommend keeping a second set of "camping only" cookware and kitchenware, a container of your choosing full of easily prepared quick food items (such as canned and jarred items), and a bin or bag with your recovery gear always quickly available.  Also keep your tent, sleeping bags, lanterns, flashlights, etc. in a simple place that is all together and easily accessible.  This way you can simply grab-and-go!

Ideally, one might have a second overland/camping vehicle dedicated for these activities that could always stay packed up.  That is the ultimate easy way to get out the door and make these trips happen.  But for most of us, this will require unloading our daily items to re-load our camping gear for the weekend trek.  Most importantly, just make sure all of your gear is easily accessible and fairly simple to load up.  When it doesn't feel like a hassle to prepare fir a trip, you are more likely to do it more often and that is what it is al about!

Remember that you can make some of the best memories on a simple getaway not far from home and no matter where you go, always remember to BeThere!

New Products Coming Soon!

At Overland Research, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality products to exceed the demands of your expeditions.  We have been focused on bringing some new products to the market and though it has taken some time, it is well worth the wait!

While testing many prototypes along the way (which is obviously our favorite part), we are fine-tuning our original designs to bring you the most effective solutions to maximize your time spent enjoying your adventures while minimizing the amount of time spent on organization, preparation and setup when it's time to hideout under the stars.

We will be releasing these products very soon in preparation for the Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, AZ in May.  We will keep you posted as the products start rolling out; we will be running pre-order specials for these products once they launch.  You won't want to miss this!

Keep in touch and stay tuned for more updates on our new designs and keep checking back at our "Gear" page to purchase some great products.  Enjoy your next adventure and as always, remember to BeThere!

Overland Research

San Juan Overland 2014 (Part 1)

Last week we headed for the mountains of Colorado but not just any part of Colorado.

We headed to the high adventure, soaring altitude San Juan mountains.  I enjoy this area for many reasons.  The area is full of history and remnants of a different time. People actually lived up here-- a special stock of people.  Seeking their future, working hard to find that special treasure, just over that pass, perhaps tucked away under this outcropping.  


The ghost towns and pilings, all markers and reminders of their devoted efforts to build and embrace their dreams. One can only imagine all the aspirations, loves, losses and joys that were lived out on these sites before they were forced to go back down, to return to what some would call "the real world".   As we climb to walk through these ruins, we recognize how each log cut and placed, every nail driven, every stone moved is a testimony to their time spent here.   Our amazing overland journey covered about 150 miles in low range as we absorbed the vistas framed by wildflowers and accompanied by the chirps of our friends, scurrying through the rocks. 

 As hard as we try to capture the surrounding volume of vastness with our cameras, it is still true that nothing matches actually being there.  If only we could bottle the crisp air to flow out of these photos to waft your hair and fill your senses.

Beyond the thrilling trails, our evenings were richly immersed in the fresh beauty and embrace of the mountains as they seemed to grow up around us to engage the expanse of stars.  No city lights to cloak the beautiful dark here. 

Beyond the thrilling trails, our evenings were richly immersed in the fresh beauty and embrace of the mountains as they seemed to grow up around us to engage the expanse of stars.  No city lights to cloak the beautiful dark here. 

 The occasional breeze, the rushing of the nearby stream and the splashing of its waterfall, as we melted with our dreams into our bedding, were all comforting reminders that we were here.  We were actually here!


On this overland trip we used our new rooftop tent, The Loft 36, and several other new products that will be announced in the near future.  We will also be making available miscellaneous replacement and repair parts should your gear become too familiar with a tough obstacle such as a low-hanging branch or rock out-cropping.


The Loft is for sale on our "Gear" page.

We are back home now and I will be posting more soon.